Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Ok! So I have been away from posting anything for sometime.
First, a quick round up of what I have been reading (no details or pics of books this time!):-
  • Great Indian Novel :-Ahh! How I love Shashi Tharoor! Despite questioning his taste in general and womenkind in particular, I simply love what and the way he writes! 'Great Indian Novel' is simply a must- read.
  •  Eat Pray Love :-What can I say? I shouldn't have bothered and just seen the movie instead! Read it if you really want to but please the book borrow or something.. and like- definitely not pay for it. Please!!
  • Dork:- I had stumbled upon a blog- Domain Maximus and found it rather quiet funny. The same author had written 'Dork' and I thought it would be a great read too. Sigh.. only if life was that simple and predictable!
  • The Simoqin Prophecies :- I finally caught hold of this and kicked myself for not having done it earlier! Samit Basu writes like no other ever has. The book is 4 dimensional. It picks you up, spins you around and turns ya inside out. The visuals in front of your eyes zip past so furiously fast, that you'd be skeptical of  your otherwise real surroundings! 
  • The Manticores Secret:- This is a sequel to 'The Simoquin Prophecies' and the author promises  you a bigger treat this time right from the word go. You cannot keep it down easily. Thats the least and the best I can say about this.
  • The Remains of the Day:- A Booker Prize Winner of 1989. Written by Kazuo Ishiguro. It was a very light, feel- good, warm kinda novel. The kind that one can never say anything bad about!
  • Freakonomics:- Read it if you.. how should I put it..are like my husband?! It oscillates between being intriguing to a little boring to little interesting to being completely off- tangent! Atleast thats how I can best put my experience
  • Blink:- Again, a gift from my husband. If you are not the self- help book kind of a person, you may skip this one too.
  • Oryx and Crake:- OH- MY- GOD! Margaret Atwood is a magician. No. A wizard! No wait. God! I think this is the best book I have ever read in my life! (Take that with a pinch of salt!) You have to experience this one to understand what creative writing can be
  • Namesake:- If you want to let out a deep sigh, curl up and feel happiness then this Jhumpa Lahiri classic can be one of the options!