Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Coke- King

Don't you just love the shape of a Coke bottle?! What can be more basic, classic, well designed and ergonomic than the shape of the good ole Coke bottle?
Dont believe me? Ask Calvin!

Anyway! So I took up painting on these bottles in question. Besides being easily accessible, what I loved about it was it's characteristic of identifiability and of course it's generic shape!

A Coke bottle remains a Coke bottle no matter what you do with it!


Can you spot the overlapping fishes?

This one says "Coke- King"!

On one of my more daring days I even attempted this!

A Chinesy filigree!

Last but not the least, my personal favorite. A Pipli Coke bottle!

And this is how these new additions look sitting over my book shelf! :-)


Sini said...

Okayyyy..Love the Coke bottles girl..just beautiful..:)

mymissingshoe said...

Thanks, Sini. I shall make you one if you like!