Wednesday, May 25, 2011


 Never Ever!

Something wrong with the "E" here.

Hotel Prem Pavitr anyone?

Towering Eles! 

Dr. Ambedkar's head in Buddha's lap! 

I dont know what it means but I'm sure its something important!

Counselling anyone? 


Rolling said...

That was hilarious!Eyeful and interesting, what city?

Followed you here from Krishashok's Nice to know you, I have only just begun after a long time, and not sure of my work yet, however, if you have time, do drop in and share your thoughts :)

Rolling said...

I blog at

Rolling said...

that header is just grandifabuloustico!!! Glad to be back and reading you guys again. Drop in at mine when you have time. Check out the Wonderful Human Mind post that one I think you might like
on WP: nabinatrisha dot wordpress dot com I stopped using the Blogspot blog. All the bst to you, and regards,


mymissingshoe said...

Hey Trisha! You have made my day! Thanks! I am checking your blog(s) right away!