Thursday, August 04, 2011


Mother Pious Lady by Santhosh Desai is a FANTASTIC read! Its so warm, true and funny. And you cant help smiling and enjoying through each page of the book. It is about the Great Indian middle class's quirkiness, habits, lifestyle, values and sensibilities. Well observed and very well written.

Reading Lolita in Trehan. This one by by Azar Nafisi. It is a little intense, depressing and goes on and on. It is how a bunch of girls and their professor take to English novels group- reading set in a very orthodox and strict Islamic backdrop. It goes on and on is what I can say!

Maps for lost lovers by Nadeem Aslam was about very on sensitive issue or an incident that happened amongst a small Paksitani community in England. Talking about the mysterious death of a young couple as well as the immigrant's feelings as they adapt from staunch Islamic ideals to a life in a progressive county, makes one  relate to each character in the book easily.

The swan Thieves by Elizebeth Korsova is a very intriguing mystery about how a psychiatric builds together a case of a painter who is disillusioned and tried to attack a famous painting in a museum. It was not like edge of the chair kind of mystery, but yeah it was interesting.

Jaya by Dendutt Patnaik. Oh! How I loved this book! I think every Indian at last every hindu should read this one. It retells the story of Mahabharata in a completely broken down, simple, methodical, condensed fashion complete with diagrams and flow charts! I actually ended up taking notes in my diary for quick reference.Super!

On Beauty by Zadie Smith, was another of the feel good book I read. It was about family of a mixed race couple- A white English husband and his African wife.Good.

Myth= Mithya another by Devdutt Patnaik. After Jaya, I realized this subject comes very naturally to the author. This book also explores the a few of the 200 billion different Indian gods, devas asuras, rishes, their stories, why thy did what they did and what resulted of that etc etc! :-P Interesting but tiring!.