Tuesday, September 28, 2010


There is something that is not quite right about about Bonsai I tell you! You could be looking at a splendid 100 years old Banyan tree, that has aged gracefully looking all so majestic and wise, but for the small problem that it is only 1 feet tall!

Now I understand that, Bonsai is an art form that only the passionate, the patient, the true nurturer can even dream of creating. But looking at a Bonsai has always made me feel a little queasy in the stomach! To put it simply, it looks like an evil scientist's lab experiment! I mean isn't one altering and twisting a living thing's physical and natural make up for one's selfish amusement for the sake of art after all?

This week, Chitrakala Parishad in Bangalore is holding a Bonsai exhibition. Must admit, my strong opinions about this artform, was slightly given a rest. I sincerely did appreciate the people who painstakingly and so lovingly must have nurtured these plants (or are they called trees?!) A lot of Bonsai- enthusiasts were seen appreciating and sharing notes and clicking pictures..just like me!

Here are some pictures that I clicked.