Thursday, June 03, 2010

The tale of Bird- Song and Mad- Urbany


I did it today. In fact I should say, I HAD TO do it. Poor Nil didnt know that the FS wasn't happening! Or atleast thats what she claimed.

Between stammering, sounding politically correct and trying not to choke on my foot in my mouth, I broke the bad news. Nil was exasperated! I heard a *thud* over phone. Was that her fainting and falling on the floor, or her aiming her darts on the pic of my face on her dartboard? I dont know.. I dont think I want to know!


Jayeeta said...

I was expecting to get the whole story here in details.. since i'm not allowed to ask about this FS elsewhr :)
The collections pretty btw and someday.. its just mite.. fingers crossed :) :)