Friday, June 04, 2010

Attempting de-coupage!

Mission:- Installing  the first piece of furniture at home.
This is my first attempt at de-coupage. I owe it to all the amazingly creative people, on whom I have been snooping on over the Internet world. I didn't even know what de-coupage was! (so dont feel shy to look up!)
Vineeta's spectacular decoupage work at artnlight was one major inspiration. I can only dream of  having a sense of balance, colors, taste, and not to mention talent like her one day. sigh....!

So lets get started!
I found a few rubber boards lying around in my office- rather discarded. These boards are used as bases while cutting the fabric to measure the GSM. After several uses, when the rubber board gets the blade markings, they throw it away.
So I took these from the lab guys (who were rather happy to get rid of it) and lugged it home. I nailed and pasted these boards in shape. Gave a luscious coat of paint. Did blotch- effect painting with metallic paints.. stuck pictures.. painted some more..gave another coat of varnish.. and voila! here is the 1st piece of furniture in my new apartment!


Patricia Torres said...

Young lady!! you are awesome... and you've got some fab ideas!