Thursday, June 03, 2010

Freichen gecko

Well well well.. So no words can quite describe my relationship with a lizard.. Its been 26 yrs.. and its not changed 1 bit.. If there was a particular word to describe INTENSE disgust, petrify, horror(and I happened to know that word!).. I would have used it. Just to say the least, a lizard in the same room as me, can make me jump out of my pants and resonate and stirrr my very soul!!! I mean- I can take ghosts.... extra terrestrials.... dentists.... gas chambers.... but the sight of a lizard? HA!.. My disgust for the creature knows no bounds literally.. There have been times that i would wake up with a jolt in the middle of the night as my extra sensory radars would have detected the honoured presence of the being in question in my room.. And i would switch on the lights and not be too surprised to see my intution being correct(again) afterall..

So wat IS it about this seemingly harmless being of this creature?? Well, to me it was/ is/ shall remain an un-welcomed, cold blooded, halcyon, yet scheming looking and the MOST revolting of the reptiles sticking up against domestic walls. Now seen here.. now there.. Its almost like 1 doesnt see them move. Only an unaware, unwarned, meaty, and mouthful of a little insect can manage to arouse a geckos interest and traces of activity. Esle it just sits pretty(!).. there.. up on the wall.. Doing its job that of:-
1- waiting for its prey to fly right into its mouth
2- looking 10 on 10 disgusting and
3- last but not the least- CREEPING ME OUTTA MY SKIN!!!!!!

So wat is the reason for this montserous creature to gain the importance enough to have an entire blog dedicated to it?? Well.. it was the incident(read manifestation of my biggest nightmare) that happened to me yesterday.

Well.. it started out as a normal sunday morning.. or so it seemed. I, the sleepy, groggy me, trapped in the web of pace, dragged myself into the shower.. I didnt have the faintest inkling of wat was about to happen.. Just then.. I sense something SMALL, COLD AND SLITHERY on my leg.. and... and... sheesh.. not happening..

Ok..Let me try again....

It was...AARGH!!! Nope.. cant do it..

I still am truely completely terrified and psyched out with wat happened.. I still cant quite describe the abominable experience without having my skin crawl and having goose bumps!! All I can say to forcibly sum up the journal is that I was left lirerally shaking with absolute fright, immobility due to shock, TEARS(!) and a sore throat due to my 10,000 decible shriek and yes- the horrific horrific fear and disgust and more goosebumps(even now as im typing!) that the incident has left behind.:(


Jayeeta said...

Woah! That was quite INTENSE!! :D
I'm mortally scared/disgusted about lizards tooo.. and have had a few un-welcoming convergences with it as well..
feels nice to have few others share the same emotion with me :) he he!