Monday, August 16, 2010


I could be damned for saying this- but I refuse(d) to read the sequel of the oh- so- popular Twilight series! Phew! I said it. :-P

I mean, had I been 16 years old, love sick, Bryan Adam's looping in my head, having a crush (geez! I haven't even used that word since a decade!) on my neighbours "cute" son, at the same time having romantic fantasies with my pink fluffy teddy bear... perhaps! Who know?! :-)

But given this day and age of CWG screw ups, Shashi Tharoor's raunchy wed lock, Julian Assange and Wikileaks it would definitely take way more than a college going, baseball playing, marble faced, apparently drop dead good looking, smoogy woogly vampire's love- story (seriously?!), to impress me. Add to that a "damsel in distress" angle!

I haven't watched the movie(s) yet. But from what I hear- the movie does full justice to the book, which I think is enough reason for me to steer clear from that too!.



Jayeeta said...

Fair enough.. i have no complaints about this post ;)

Rani said...

hey!! I have seen the 1st part... its a well made film for sure.... but i agree it needn't be read or given much importance when there are so many things u can clog u r mind with... he he he!!