Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lub- Lub- Lub

This post is exclusively dedicated to my my friend and my ex- colleague, Lavina Mahbubani.

"Laugh", "Levitate", "Labbu", "Tommy" or "Labunanda Saraswati Swamini" as she is fondly called, is an extremely  talented young girl. She is utterly creative and is always spinning with ideas and is ever- enthusiastic to execute them! At any given point of time- she would always be found in the middle of painting, sketching, pasting, sewing or even nailing or sawing! 

One of the many things she had done were these amazing series of hand painted canvas shoes.She managed to turn around the dead old boring looking Bata canvas school shoes into an absolutely funky, custom made and wacky fashion statement! Shoes that were based on themes ranging from Ed Hardy, graffiti, Monsters, Chocolate attack, Skulls, Auto rickshaws and what not- got into circulation not just amongst her colleagues and immediate friends circle- but also reached her friend's colleague's neighbor's cat's cousin too!!! You simply MUST check them out. She would gladly share it- and of course, extra cash never has hurt! ;-)

You can catch more of her work here-

But then, shoes are just one of the manyyy things she does. 

Recently she was commissioned by Lifestyle to do up the store's wall for their teen wear brand Ginger. Ginger- is a peppy, young, fashionable brand for young girls. For Lifestyle's latest store that opened in Chennai, she (and her accomplice) designed and actually hand painted the store's wall. You will have to visit Lifestyle- Chennai to see this in its full splendor! 


Rani said...

WOW!!! Just saw her work... she is indeed very talented. Wish her luck from my end.