Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The girl who kicked the Hornet's nest.

I have no one to blame why I bought this book, but myself! Shelling 350/- at Crosswords can be a good motivation for not dropping the book mid- way!

Firstly, the book  is a sequel to "The girl who played with Fire". These series are translation from Swedish 'best seller', 'millenium trology'. It is supposed to be a investigative- thriller. But the basic plot and the bulid-up in itself lacked any mettle or any amount of suspense and thrill you expect from a 800 page book.
It is not that the book lacked any fizz at all, there were indeed more than a couple of occasions when you didnt want to keep the book down without knowing what happened next- I can think of the court scene and the part where Lizbeth gets trapped in a ruin- old house with her killer step brother for example.

I dont know why the author was so generous with details- like names of people and streets. Believe it or not, the first chapter itself covered names of about 25 characters and about 15 names of places/ streets- some of which by the way, did not surface again (at least significantly) in rest of the book! On top of that the names were Swedish! Names like Nicander, Blomkvist, Zalanchenko, Tortensson, Ingemarsson, Niedermann, Bublanski, Mia Johansson, Bjurmann, Miriam Wu, and names of places like Goteberg, Lindome, Mosebacke, Trollhattam, Enskede, Nosserbro, Nykvarn, Sodertaje, Sahlgrenska hospital, Vasaplatsen and Svavelsjo Motorcycle club gets a tad difficult to remember!!!!!!!!

Sometimes, you read a book, and think- I'd rather have seen the movie instead. And sometimes you see a movie and think- I'd rather have seen the movie when it came on TV instead. Well, this book was one such. Prrf!



Rani said...

Its amazing how i can almost read these books through your eyes.. I am someone who'd rather watch a movie anyday than read through... one tends to not lose interest when watching a film, however badly its made....:)