Friday, July 09, 2010

Fun at work

The reason why I like my work place is that it has a certain buzz  about it! I  am lucky to be surrounded by fun, creative, funny, and like- minded people. Also, there is an in exhaustive source of input from all directions- unrestricted internet, books, magazines, random colors, fabrics, visuals, techniques and crazy ideas keep us bumming with more creative energy! Add to all that 3 jobless people itching to do something fun and this is what you get:-

Making side tables for a colleague's new home. Brief- it has to cost nothing!

Lets get started
We had couple of cardboard boxes lying around. The cardboard box that is used for packaging formal shirts. We made a strong structure out of these boxes (a cube structure) using cellotapes.
Then we lavishly wound brown packing tape to make it stronger and give it a textured finishing to the insides of the table.

Once that was in place. We cut up assorted colorful printed fabrics and placed them over the frame. And laminated that too to the frame- with regular transparent cellotape!

We also scattered some colorful sequins while taping the whole thing. That way the sequins remained sandwiched and added glitter to the already kitch side tables!

This is how it looked after it was completed. (Please ignore the mess in the background!)

Yay! Side tables. Made out of junk at office!
3 cheers to the girls!



Patricia Torres said...

Oh.. I like these side tables.. thats such an awesome idea.. Can you send me pics of them in your colleagues home?? I'd like to see how they look in totality.. and would love to feature this DIY on my blog.. Well done!!

neeta kumar said...

Sure Patricia!
I sure will try to get them!