Friday, August 19, 2005 it began

My missing shoe/ The big plan
my inspiration for the graduating design show during college

Fairy tales. An outburst of crazy imagination and wild fantasies. Contradicting and shattering every hint of reality with a certain pride and ridicule. Versions of these tales narrated and re-narrated down to the generations looses its intricacies, its essence, its original charm down the process. The events, the characters, the drama gets twisted, molded, defaced or glamorized according to ones respective limits and interpretations.

Still the legend chooses to carry on... pushed on by inquisitive young minds hungry for the thrill and “out worldly” tales.. their desires to live a few moments in the dream land, as far as possible from the ugly, pinching, in–your-face reality.

The most famous and widely retold folk lore is that of “Cinderella” But what if the version that I was told was actually far from the original. Here is another take on the story..

My Cinderella was crippled. She used rather crooked prosthetic leg made out of wood! It was uncomfortable and unpleasant to look at.. but it was more than what was required by this average village girl with average thoughts leading an average life.. Cinderella limped and dragged herself in and around the house helping her step sisters with the daily chores.. Life was moving on at its usual pace. Along came a young carpenter. And was he lousy at it! He designed and created a weird, crooked ugly little thing which he claimed was a “shoe”! Now who on earth could possibly fit into such a monstrosity?!

What if things weren’t exactly perfect and magical all the way? What if Cinderella didn’t just happen to have the right size of feet to fit into that beautiful delicate glass slipper like we were made to believe.. But that the shoe itself was such that no one else could have possibly fit into it?? What if it wasn’t a coincidence; it was something that was meant to be? Things didn’t just fall into the right place at the right time.. but that there was no other choice but for the things to fit into its respective allotted slots at that given time? What if it was all destiny? Pre-designed, pre-arranged?? Timed to the second. A part of the Big plan?

Everything in life is here to serve a purpose. They are set and calculated as if for a scientific problem. Everything happens, for a reason. Nothing goes futile. According to the big plan, every action.. every thought.. every purpose gets added on or deducted or equalized to our list of merits. There is nothing left for us to do. Its out of our reach... out of our control. Or is it? A ray of hope creeps in with the truth that a sense of direction, an indication of path can be shown to this plan after all. It is achievable with ones dreams and ambitions- with ones “want”. The stronger our longing to achieve something, the clearer this guidance starts seeming.

If our heart aches.. our mind is all but dreams and the fire is nothing but intense with desire.... then the circumstances, the surrounding, the entire root of vibration starts to bend and manipulate themselves to make way for this passion and starts to contribute in the realization of those dreams one day.

We have the power within us to direct our destinies. To fail the Big plan.


a n i r v a n said...

well said = but what if theres no "big plan" - waht if all of us are just like that- to be born, propogate and die ....
whats the "big plan" is the normal persons life ?
whats the "big plan" about ur life and my life ?? is someone still on the drawing board planning and chalking it out????

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kp said...

to fail the big plan would require one to figure out whats going on in the first place. what is this plan? once you figure it out, its quite easy to obstruct its progress and meanwhile carry on with one's dreams. but isnt one of the purposes of the big plan to keep us in the dark about its existence? whoever devised this destiny and the equation, would be smart and creative enough to create hundreds of indefinite loops through which it is ensured that someone trying to figure out the big plan, keeps trying till the end of existence? isnt it much better to let the plan work and revel in little joys and miseries rather than spend a lifetime looking for the answer, to die unhappy that the answer was never found

Patricia Torres said...

excellent.. excellent!! Welcome to blog world.. I loved your blog.. am here to stay!! :-)

neeta kumar said...

Thanks so much Patricia! You are very kind:-)